Where we going tonight?
— Andrew Grimm, "Heaven, Please"

“Lovely chiming guitars get things underway on Town Limits before Andrew comes in with an excellent lead vocal blending with Katie Feild's lovely feminine harmonies, on a song that, in many ways treats escaping the poverty of small-town life the same as the desire to escape the Hotel California back in the mid 1970s. The situation is different, but the end result of 'you can never leave' remains the same. These are certainly not tales of decadence brought on by rockstar lifestyles, but the complete opposite: tales of darkness and life on the 'wrong side of the tracks,' tied up in some beautiful melodies and powerful arrangements.” (From review of 2018’s East On Green.)

Andrew Grimm and vocalist and guitarist, Katie Feild, make up the June Star “Duo.” All the pathos and beautiful storytelling, stripped down into two acoustic guitars and harmony vocals.